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We manufacture and export high quality disposable drapes & gowns from India. We offer Surgeons Gowns, Reinforced Surgeons Gown, Ultra Surgeons Gown, Patient Gowns with Pant, Disposable Kits, Safe Swabs, and Plain Swabs.


Surgeons GownsWe manufacture surgical gowns in wide range such as surgeons gowns, reinforced surgeons gowns, ultra surgeons gowns which avoids direct transfer of infective agents from surgeons to the wound or vice versa. Our range of gowns are of best quality with reasonable cost.

  • Surgeons Gowns
  • Reinforced Surgeons Gown
  • Ultra Surgeons Gown

Patient Gowns

Patient GownsWe offer quality range of patient gowns which are manufactured using premium quality non-woven fabrics. Our patient Gowns are offered in varied sizes with front, back & off-shoulder styles and are highly comfortable for patients.

  • Patient Gowns
  • Patient Gowns with Pant

Disposable Kits

Disposable KitsWe manufacture disposable kits for surgeries ranging from circusation or D&C to the most complex procedures of a CABG or an Orthopedic replacement procedure. Shree Healthcare India ensures that the entire range of disposable kits we manufacture are safe & reliable to use by testing them at our in-house facility.

Safe Swabs

Safe SwabsWe manufacture Radio-opaque Sponges in various sizes of:

  • 30cm x 30cm - Strips and Thread
  • 10cm x 10cm
  • 7cm x 7cm
  • 5cm x 5cm

Plain Swabs

Plain SwabsOur range of plain swabs are available in the below sizes

  • 30cm x 30cm
  • 10cm x 10cm
  • 7cm x 7cm
  • 5cm x 5cm
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